Selling Online: Comparing The Topic E-commerce Platforms Available

The e-commerce market has progressed greatly in the last twenty-three years. In the present day there are various online platforms that are being successfully run. No matter how big the size of a firm is, it can be difficult to choose the correct e-commerce platform for the business. The below mentioned platforms are some of the top e-commerce platforms available today.

Shopify is one of the top most popular and well known e-commerce platform today. It was created in 2006 in Canada. Shopify began to sell snowboarding equipments to people. At that time no e-commerce platform provided the personalization that they desire thus they formed their own. The e-commerce platform has over 400,000 subscribers selling around $29 billion till today.

Shopify includes flexible pricing options, lite is the lowest pricing option with only $9 a month. Lite allows credit card sales that have 2.9% sales, a shopify buy option and the choice to add product listings on a separate website or blog. Then there are basic shopify, shopify and advanced shopify. Shopify includes other features such as gift cards, abandoned cart recovery etc.

Another e-commerce platform that is well known is woocommerce. Woocommerce is mainly integrated with wordpress. If a user already has a site on wordpress, then adding woocommerce would be adding on easy e-commerce functionality to it. It has a 100% source, allowing users to find new ways to use the platform.

Woocommerce does not have any charge to the user, however along the way some expenses may be made. There are two additional expenses for the users which are themes and plug-ins. Themes that are available may be free; however certain customized themes used by businesses cost between $50 to $100. Moreover, woocommerce is cheaper, much easier to use and is usually used by small to medium-sized firms.

In addition to these is magento, which is another popular e-commerce platform. Unlike woocommerce, it is more complex and preferably used by larger sized-firms. To have a successful set up at magento it is important for someone to individually or with the help of a team to devote their entire time to maintaining it.

Magento has great reporting tools making it have a great advantage. According to its official website it is seen as “the world’s largest and most versatile of customized and tested extensions.” Magento works with some of the well-known brands such as burger king, coca-cola etc.

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